New Products

Below are some of the new products we now have in stock!

Husky 710 Floor Cleaner & Neutrilizer

Versatile floor cleaner eliminate alkalinity and salt film from both hard and soft surfaces. Can be used as a floor cleaner during the winter season to remove salt or ice melt residue. Safe for use in extractors and auto scrubbing equipment.

Husky 1140 Bio-Clenz Spot Cleaner

This ready-to-use, bio formulated spot and stain remover eliminates odors from carpet and upholstery by quickly breaking dow and digesting organic solids. Designed to eliminate urine, milk, beer, blood, chocolate and other food stains. Clear formula will not stain carpet. Safe for stain resistant carpet.

Husky 430 Creme Cleanser

Mild, abrasive cleaner easily removes stubborn stains, rust, grease, soap scum, and rubber heel marks. Effectively cleans a variety of surfaces in the restroom and food service areas. Leaves behind a pleasant mint scent. Safe to use on porcelain, ceramic, and stainless steel surfaces. Micro-grit polishes as it cleans. Registered with the NSF Non-Food Compounds Program-A6.

24″ Microfiber Dust Mop

Won’t fray or unravel. Effective for normal industrial use. Comes pre-laundered and ready to use. Fits your standard dust mop frame.